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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mauri Riki

October 25, 2015

Hahaha well it's been another week (that's 7 days hehehe) :') The days go by slowwwww but every week I'm sitting in this little room sweatin' out of a lot of pores and emailing and it seems like it was just yesterday <3 It's crazy to think that this week I will hit my 3 month mark in the mission (that's 1/8 of the way done for all you math whizzes) <3 Crazy to think how much (and how little) has happened in these past 3 months.
As for me, this week was a good week. We got around 25ish lessons and we should have 2 baptisms for this Saturday-- Atarake and Tebaia. Atarake is an old man who walks with a limp but he has endured with stopping smoking and should be prepared to go. He has a fear of getting the priesthood so that's something we have been trying to work through. Tebaia is a 10-year old who's a straight G. He comes from a family of members but he's wayyy smart and should be set for this Saturday. To be continued <3
As for the rest of the area, it's a LOT of biking. We bike anywhere from 2 to 3 hours a day. It's either rainy or burning hot. Either way, I'm "maimai n tai nako" (wet all the time). We literally have investigators at each tip of this LONG island. Although there are plenty of investigators to keep us busy, not tons are progressing right now. This week we are probably going to do a bunch of member visits to see if we can get some referrals. Whatever we do, we need to SPICE THIS PLACE UPPPPPP.
As for the living conditions, Tab North is seeming pretty danggggg nice. We don't even have to go to a well for water <3 Just outside yayy! The toilet, even though it's flushed with a bucket, is indoors yayy! We have fans that work for 45 minutes yayy!! So many little blessings if you really look for them <3
One of my favorite/hated parts of the work here is the biking. So much time to think. I guess my favorite part of the day is at night when we are biking home. It's finally cooled off enough to where there is a breeze from the dark ocean that's always in our sight. Our only light is the bright moon. It's silent except for the swaying of the palm trees and the smell is of the salt-air and distant fires for people cooking their food. There are glimpses, I mean GLIMPSES of seeing this place for what it really is <3
I guess as for kind of my spiritual experience this week I would just like to talk about fasting. Earlier this week I was just kind of down and still a little confused and I prayed to know whether or not I needed to fast. As I proceeded to read in the scriptures about the only words that were sticking out was "fasting and prayer". I took that as a pretty good sign. I started my fast. The next day proceeded to rain and to be not as hot. It made my fast a lot more bearable. After my fast, this week really picked up. Fasting WITH prayer make a pretty good combo <3

Well, it looks like that's about for me. I'm sure I'll be back here sweatin' pretty good before we know it <3
Enjoy that fall breeeeeeze and the leaves changing... Heck, enjoy whatever in the world comes your way <3
-Elder Parrish 

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