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Sunday, December 13, 2015

BYE BYE (for awhile)

December 13, 2015

Hello hello hello everyone!

I hope everyone has been doing well at home <3 It's crazy to think
that it's Christmas time?! Haha I play Christmas music from my iPod
just to remind me that it's almost Christmas. It sure doesn't feel
like it... I'm dreaming of a white one hehehe #bwabetito. 

I THOUGHT it was an average week on Tab North-- that is until about 10
minutes ago. I hopped on to write my weekly letter to
President Weir. There was a 2 line response from him:

"Thank you for your letter. I want you and Elder Musser to go to Tab
South and do a companion exchange for a few weeks. Elder Ellis will
come to Tab North and you and Elder Tekangui will work on Tab South."

LOOKS LIKE I'M HEADED TO TAB SOUTH :') As for how long and what to
even bring I'm not really sure. We are taking a boat tomorrow morning
at 5:30 A.M. When Saturday comes, Elder Musser and Elder Ellis will
head up to Tab North and I will stay on Tab South. Unfortunately, Tab
South doesn't have internet... Haha radio's are high-tech there. This
will be my last time talking to all of you before Christmas.... </3 I
hope it's a good one <3 Heck, maybe before my sweet 19th in good 'ol
January. Good thing Pres. Weir is keepin' us on our toes <3 Don't
forget about me :( 

AS FOR THIS WEEK.... It was a good week. Elder Musser was throwing up
out of both ends one day so we stayed home this Friday. Other than
that it was a normal week of work. We just finished doing a tedious
marriage today that was really frustrating. Our groom showed up to his
marriage completely drunk and smelling like cigarettes. He told us
that he had quit smoking a few weeks ago. Looks like his date will be
pushed back a few weeks. If there's one thing I learned it's that
Satan DOESN'T sleep. It's a good thing Heavenly Father doesn't either

As of right now, we have 6 people with dates for baptism. We continue
to work hard and make a difference in any way that we can! Right now
my brain is kinda fried thinking about packing and stuff and not
knowing what's going on so I think I'm gonna go. Ti na kaitibo n
taina. I tangiringkami ni kabane! (We'll meet in time! I love all of

 -Elder Parrish

Sunday, December 6, 2015


December 6, 2015

Hello everyoneeeee <3

Is it really already December? Every day here seems about like Groundhog-Day when it's the same temperature EVERY day and when the sun rises and sets at the SAME time. I guess that's life on the equator :')

My caption basically says it all... This week something miraculous happened. As Isaiah would call it "a marvellous work and a wonder". 3 men came from Tarawa and fixed our toilet so that it flushes <3 I'm still not really used to it hahah sometimes I go flush it just to make sure it still works. Our fans also have worked their way up to almost lasting the night. Still bucket showers, but that's no big deal. I've grown pretty fond of those. It's safe to say that it's easy livin' (1st world?!?) out here on Tab North :')

This week was another good week. It had its ups and downs but I'm always grateful to be here. This week we were able to baptize 20 year old Iebeta. He seriously has such a good heart and a natural desire to do good. He told me that he wants to serve a mission when he hits his year mark. There's just some people you don't have to do much with. Super grateful for bright spots like him.

One of the harder things this week happened when we went to visit Kunimera. Kunimera is a 17-year old kid who's awesome. We thought that he was going to get baptized this Friday until we visited him-- there was some commotion as we approached and realized that he was 120% drunk. The funny part was that he told me he was "fasting" for fast Sunday and that he hadn't eaten. I told him not drinking was a part of it too hahah. Sorry buddy </3 It's crazy because in our lesson prior to that I felt impressed to say "Satan is going to tempt you so hard as you prepare to get baptized. Stay strong." Well, Satan won this one. We are going to meet with him on Wednesday and see what we can do. Just a minor setback right?!

Atarake update: We went to his house and taught a lesson as if there had been no problem :')

All in all, all is well! We should be having 3 or 4 baptisms in the next month. We continue to slowly find as we lose and we continue to work hard. Some days are harder than others-- you take the good days when they come. Some days you get all your lessons, the weather is perfect, and life is good. Some days lessons fall through, we get POURED on by rain and callin' it quits doesn't seem that bad. Whenever I'm sad I realize that my head is down looking at the dirt road as we bike. When I just lift my head up and see the ocean, palm trees and the island, nothing really seems that bad <3 

We are going to work hard this week before we prepare to head to Tab South the following week for another short trip! I hope everyone has a good week <3

-Elder Parrish