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Sunday, December 13, 2015

BYE BYE (for awhile)

December 13, 2015

Hello hello hello everyone!

I hope everyone has been doing well at home <3 It's crazy to think
that it's Christmas time?! Haha I play Christmas music from my iPod
just to remind me that it's almost Christmas. It sure doesn't feel
like it... I'm dreaming of a white one hehehe #bwabetito. 

I THOUGHT it was an average week on Tab North-- that is until about 10
minutes ago. I hopped on to write my weekly letter to
President Weir. There was a 2 line response from him:

"Thank you for your letter. I want you and Elder Musser to go to Tab
South and do a companion exchange for a few weeks. Elder Ellis will
come to Tab North and you and Elder Tekangui will work on Tab South."

LOOKS LIKE I'M HEADED TO TAB SOUTH :') As for how long and what to
even bring I'm not really sure. We are taking a boat tomorrow morning
at 5:30 A.M. When Saturday comes, Elder Musser and Elder Ellis will
head up to Tab North and I will stay on Tab South. Unfortunately, Tab
South doesn't have internet... Haha radio's are high-tech there. This
will be my last time talking to all of you before Christmas.... </3 I
hope it's a good one <3 Heck, maybe before my sweet 19th in good 'ol
January. Good thing Pres. Weir is keepin' us on our toes <3 Don't
forget about me :( 

AS FOR THIS WEEK.... It was a good week. Elder Musser was throwing up
out of both ends one day so we stayed home this Friday. Other than
that it was a normal week of work. We just finished doing a tedious
marriage today that was really frustrating. Our groom showed up to his
marriage completely drunk and smelling like cigarettes. He told us
that he had quit smoking a few weeks ago. Looks like his date will be
pushed back a few weeks. If there's one thing I learned it's that
Satan DOESN'T sleep. It's a good thing Heavenly Father doesn't either

As of right now, we have 6 people with dates for baptism. We continue
to work hard and make a difference in any way that we can! Right now
my brain is kinda fried thinking about packing and stuff and not
knowing what's going on so I think I'm gonna go. Ti na kaitibo n
taina. I tangiringkami ni kabane! (We'll meet in time! I love all of

 -Elder Parrish

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