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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Update from Elder Parrish

December 4, 2016

Hello guys!

This last week in Buota was probably one of my favorite weeks here in this area. Elder Peeti and I feel like the work is going well and that we are hitting our stride. We feel that there is a lot of potential for this area for the rest of this month and in January. We just didn't have enough hours in the day to visit everyone that we would have liked to visit this past week. We were able to get a new branch presidency called this past week.  We were also able to get 40 plus lessons and over 10 new investigators. We also had eight investigators come to church last week and we feel that several will be prepared for baptism by the end of this month.

Last week I mentioned Taakaio and he is staying strong. His wife is crippled and can't walk, but shared with us that she had a dream a year ago where Elders came and brought oil in a container and told her that it could heal her from her sickness that she has had for over six years.  That was pretty amazing since she is Catholic and had no clue what a priesthood blessing was.  We were able to give her a blessing last night, which was a very cool experience. 

The rest of our investigators are doing great and we were able to pick up another family this last week who seems pretty golden.  The wife and children came to church. 

I'm super grateful to be a missionary preaching the restored gospel. I love you guys!

Elder Parrish 

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