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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Change is in the Air

January 17, 2016

Hello everyone! This is going to be a quick email <3 We are going to bake cookies in a ground oven right now for Elder Musser's last p-day on Tab North... :') Don't even ask how hard it was to find an egg on this island haha. I hope everyone is doing well. If I haven't heard from you in like 6 months you better get on that for this next week <3
This week was a good weekkkkk. It started off a little bit slowww. We went to the government building to do a marriage for a part member couple that wants to get married before the non-member can get baptized. We waited for 2 hours and got stiffed. Later that day we found out that they moved in with the man's parents who are hardcore Catholic and they can't get married unless it's done by the Catholic Father. I really love it when grown people are scared of their parents :( Dang Catholic's... Bye bye to that baptism for a while :// Just another broken heart it's whateverrr.. This week continued to pick up as it went on. Elder Musser was sick for 1 day throwing up but we worked hard the rest of the week. We continued to bike and work hard and it paid off as we found a couple of new investigators. We have 3 or so baptisms that aren't so far off <3 Dangggg marriages. If you're reading this at home plz get married before you have kids I promise you will understand AFTER you have kids. It feels like I've been back in this area for yearssss. My life in Tab South just a week ago seems pretty distant. 

 This is Elder Musser's last full week on Tab North before Elder Johnson comes this next Monday. I am SUPER pumped for this transfer. 3 and a half months is a long time with a person if you love them... I think I've gained a better perspective on eternity from this last few months :') Elder Musser and I have made it "work" and it will be hard to see him go nonetheless <3 I think it's safe to say he's a little excited too. 
To close:
-We were talking about heart transplants at dinner this week and a lady thought if you got a heart transplant that meant you would love that persons husband. DUDE feelings DON'T COME FROM THE HEART HOLYYYY... ignorance is bliss. This is an everyday occurrence. 
-We started our RC lessons with a guy and he thought that Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost were one person... I'm gonna work on my teaching skills. Another RC didn't know how to pray and hasn't come to church since his baptism 2 weeks ago. Less Active is a disease. I'm scared I'm going to catch it as a missionary. I hope everyone has a great week! 
-Elder Parrish 

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