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Friday, January 29, 2016

Maybe Next Week...#groundhogday

January 25, 2015

Hey everyone, 
This is going to be another quick email. Today has been a stressful
and not a super great day. As I stated last week, Elder Musser was
supposed to get transferred this Monday and Elder Johnson was supposed
to come. Sadly, for whatever reason, the ZL's and no one else has
communicated with us for like 2 weeks. Our "phone" doesn't seem to
work and our radio is broken. The internet is pretty useless as well.
We found out through a kid from my intake in Kiritimati that Elder
Johnson hasn't left Kiritimati yet due to a large storm in Hawaii that
cancelled the flight. That's a problem given the fact that he has to
go through Fiji to Tarawa and then hop on a 3rd plane to get here.
There's also a lot of people wanting flights with school for kids
starting up. We have pretty much no details and don't know what's
going on with our own situation. We sat at the airport for hours
waiting for an elder to get off the plane that's currently a 6 hour
plane ride lolz. The hope is that he will be able to get here Friday
at the earliest but we don't know for sure.

All in all, things are going well here! Today definitely reminded me
of my first month in Tarawa. Some things never change <3 Interesting
to be on the other side this time haha. Things with Elder Musser and I
are ending well and we are getting ready for the transfer taking
place. Trying to find the reason for all of this! Hopefully I'll have
more details and time next week.

I tangaringkami ni kabane! 
 Elder Parrish

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