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Saturday, March 26, 2016


March 13, 2016

Sorry it took me so long... The internet is great .... IF I can get it to work.

Things are going great here.  It is always a weird feeling hopping off of the plane and getting away from civilization and not knowing anyone, but then becoming a part of their world.  It took about a day to adjust, but I'm doing great.  The living conditions really aren't bad. I like living like this.  I love living in a hut with no electricity or running water and taking cool bucket showers! I love this culture and I love this language and I love the fish! I even love our pet cat who lives with us and kills mice! I've never slept better than I've slept this past week on a mat.  I'm super duper happy and motivated to work hard and help these people and find investigators.

We have plenty of investigators to stay busy. It's weird because they are almost all teenagers. There are tons of part member families where parents refuse to listen. Hopefully we can also find and prepare some families or some adults. We should have a couple of baptisms this month if all goes well.

Thanks for the update with things at home! That's so crazy about mission calls and baseball and soccer. That stuff seems like yesterday and so long ago at the same time. What you said about me being a third of the way through my mission really scared me. I have a long way to go to grow and be where I need to be. Time is flying way too fast!

We hold church at five places on the island. Yesterday, we split. I held and conducted church at three places and gave a long talk and collected tithing etc. We had a combined attendance of 60 at church. In my opinion, this place isn't yet ready for a branch, but it's great to be able to work and report to yourself and to know that a lot of how the work and church attendance goes will depend upon how committed I am to work and find and teach and baptize. When I leave this area, I will know if I have been able to help.

I hope this explains some stuff! I'm super happy and I hope all goes well at home! I love you!

Elder Parrish

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