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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I'm going to MAIANA

February 28, 2016

Hey fam!!!

This is probably going to be the most surprising email that you guys are going to read for the rest of my mission.... Also maybe one of the last ones that you'll read from me for a while! This past Friday we were sitting in a lesson when Elder Musser received a text. This text said that I would be coming in to Tarawa TODAY (this email is being written from Tarawa) 1 ENTIRE week early. If that wasn't surprising enough it also said that my assignment has been CHANGED. I will no longer be working on Tarawa. I will now be working on MAIANA which is an outer island a little bit south of Tarawa. I AM SO PUMPED. I head out this Friday to a place that I couldn't be more excited to serve. Maiana is an outer island that was recently opened a little over a year ago. As of right now, there is not yet a branch or anything that has been started on this island. We will be living in a tiny stick house with a small buia type thing next to it. As far as internet goes, I've heard that I'll be lucky to email once or twice in a several month span. There's next to none. My companion will be Elder Vaii who is a Samoan that is about two months away from finishing his mission. I have had a feeling from the first day that I have heard of the island "Maiana" that I would be serving there. I couldn't be more excited and I feel like there's work for me to do there. It's crazy how much things changed this past week. I went from thinking I had one more week on Tab to leaving with Elder Musser and having a changed assignment to Maiana working in a hut and with no branch. Sounds like a good trade to me <3 

It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to my amazing friends (and family) in Tabiteuea Maiang. I got a little teared up this morning saying goodbye saying to the amazing people that I've been so blessed to work with this past 5 months The saints there had a much bigger impact on me than I ever could've had on them. It was a good feeling leaving knowing that we worked hard and prepared the area for the new elders. Elder Musser and I were scrambling to get things ready to be "whitewashed" for the new elders that will be coming this upcoming Saturday. After 4 and a half months with Elder Musser it was good to touch down on Tarawa. I'm in reverse culture shock for a quick 4 days before I fly out this Friday. I <3 all of you and I couldn't be more excited to serve in Maiana. I hope everyone has a great next few months! Don't forget about letters <3 :')

-Elder Parrish

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