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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

14 Days

February 21, 2016

Hello family and friends!!

Last week I informed everyone about the transfer that will be taking
place. We found out last Tuesday that I will be flying in to Tarawa on
the 7th of March. Elder Musser "should" (key word) be going into
Tarawa next week. That means I will have exactly one week with my
back-up trainer!! Today is probably my last "real" P-Day on Tab North
given the fact that Elder Musser's transfer will take up the majority
of our P-Day next week. </3 I'm eating plenty of coconuts while I can

This week I took my FIRST "RUNNING WATER" SHOWER in almost 5 months. I
woke up one morning this week and it was POURING rain outside and our
gutter had a steady stream falling from the roof. I grabbed my soap
and the next 15 minutes outside with like no clothes was a GOOD 15
minutes <3 Gosh I'm going to miss this place SO much. I never
understood how one of these places could truly become your home until
you've lived there for 5 months. They become like your home but in a
special and more spiritual way. I wish I could explain it betterrrr.
All I know is I'm soaking up the hour long bike rides at night with
that cool ocean breeze. I'm haven't decided for sure yet if I'm
hoppin' on that plane for Tarawa. I'll keep you guys updated ;')
Crazyy how time flies.

As far as the work, it's going great! We have like 20 Progressing
Investigators and it's going well! We could potentially have 5
baptisms my last week if we can get 2 marriages done and if 1 can stop
smoking! I'll be happy with even just 1 <3

Quick Story:

The Lord leads ALL that we do. A few weeks ago a BUNCH of our lessons
were falling through. We decided to visit this girl and asked for a
referral. She told us that she actually had a referral for us that she
would check on and then get back to us. When we went back and visited
her a few days later she said that we could go and visit these people
(she was hopping on a boat to Tarawa the next day and we literally
couldn't have met with her any other time.) When we went to the house
that we were told we sit down and start chatting to these people. We
quickly realize that these people are not the people that we were
referred to and pretty firm Catholics. Anyways, we ask them for
lessons and they say sure. We taught our first lesson and they weren't
rude but didn't seem interested. When we came back for our next lesson
I've never seen a bigger change. The lesson went SO well and we've had
about 3 of the best lessons since. The main investigator is a 26-year
old school teacher who's like so smart and just GETS IT. Can someone
say SISTERRRRR :') For real. Crazy that if our lessons fell through
and we didn't visit that one girl the day before she left to Tarawa we
would NEVER have met Tebouiuea.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Parrish

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