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Friday, October 14, 2016

October 2, 2016

October 2, 2016
Thanks for the email. I don't have tons of time to email today because I spent some time this morning getting a Kiribati driver’s license, but please know that I'm doing well. I'm super duper happy and I still love being a missionary. We don't have the opportunity to watch general conference this week.  We will watch it next week after it is translated to Kiribati so that the Kiribati people can watch it as well. 

Otinteiti's baptism went awesome this week. Seriously the most golden investigator that I've ever taught and I have no doubt that he will stay strong. He actually had a decent support from the branch and I was super grateful for everything. His wife is a member but she was starting to become less active and prayed to Heavenly Father that he would lead her husband to this church and if he didn't, than she was going back to the protestant church. Her prayers were answered when we showed up, started teaching him, and baptized him. They are a strong family and I can picture them going to the temple sometime in the near future. We have another baptism this week of an awesome 30+ year old guy who is one of the coolest investigators ever. He is awesome and has changed so much and it has been awesome working with him.

We had a really uplifting zone conference this last week. President Larkin brings an interesting background as a counselor and I had a good interview with him.  He is really trying to strengthen my area and the area around it because he wants it to become a stake. I feel good about everything. Transfers are happening this week so next week I will have more to report.  I love you!

Elder Parrish

Otinteiti's baptism

Kiribati driver's license 

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