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Friday, October 14, 2016

September 18, 2016

September 18, 2016

Thanks for the email! We are a little bit late to email today because we went fishing this morning with some members at low tide and caught some small fish.  It was pretty fun! All is going well over here in Buota. I really do like Buota. There are two families who I just love. One family is actually naming their baby after me and making shirts for all the girls and mom so that's pretty cool. The work is still a little bit of a struggle but our golden investigator came to church again this week so he should be ready for baptism. He's going to be a solid Melchizidek Priesthood holder and I'm way excited. We also got another way cool golden investigator who's like a 30+ year old guy who is a sailor but already has come to church so hopefully we will be able to baptize him before I get transferred. Those are definitely the bright spots and we are super blessed for those guys.
The transfer for October still isn't 100% confirmed but I think that I will still be getting transferred-- either on October 7th or October 27th. I still get along with Elder Tuikolovatu.  He's a pretty nice and laid back dude so we have no problems on the companion front. It's crazy to me how fast the time has gone. When it's all said and done it was a pretty fast few months in Buota but it was fun to meet a couple people and I believe that there were reasons that I got sent here and I believe that this guy we are baptizing was a big part.
I hope that all is well at home... I love you guys and I continue to pray and work hard for you guys every day! 
Elder Parrish

P.S. My package came so thanks so much!

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