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Monday, August 3, 2015


July 31, 2015

How is everyone?! I know you guys have been lying awake in bed at night wondering what day my P-Day is... To answer your question, its FRIDAY! It seems like a lot has happened since Wednesday. 
Quick Update: I'm doing great. I haven't felt homesick or sad since I've been here. I can feel the prayers on my behalf helping me. My district has 9 people... All of which are American's. I have 2 companions... Elder Zamora from Holladay, Utah. He went to a private school called AMES (Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science). Hispanic descent. Super duper nice. Also, Elder Kitchens from Ogden, Utah. He played football and wrestled. They are both sickkk and super hard workers. I like everyone in my district a lot :)

The language is difficult. Kiribati is a lot like Samoan or Tongan in the way that it sounds. It has about 13 letters in the alphabet. There's about 10 vowels in every single word and it just rollllllls right off your tongue. We have only had 1 full day of language study but it was definitely an eye-opener. Hahaha the gift of tongues better be real, otherwise I'm not sure how the language is ever going to come.
My zone speaks 5 languages (Fijian, Kiribati, Marshallese, Samoan, Tongan). It is made up of the Pacific Islanders. The entire zone is wayyy sick. We have tons of Poly's (go ahead and include me in that.) We got a ton of new Samoan speaking elders the same day as me so we will be with them a lot of the time. 
I love feeling the spirit. I know I've been here 2 days. It's hard to not be of the world. But i'm going to keep trying my best to be the best missionary and person that I can be. I didn't give up 2 years of my life to do otherwise. 

In one of our lessons we learned that we need to be our own first Convert. More than the language, and more than teaching others, I'm trying to focus on teaching myself and becoming fully converted into the gospel... Converted by gaining a solid testimony and converted by changing and truly becoming a disciple of Christ. It's a slow, painstaking, process but I'm up for the task.

The MTC IS hard... It's taking a while to get used to. It's hard not to fall asleep. They preach a lot about EXACT obedience. Sometimes we don't even know what the rule is so it's hard to know if we are being disobedient hahaha. There's little or no supervision. It would be easy to not work. Even when we aren't doing something we feel like we HAVE to be doing something. Everything is gonna be OKAY though i'm like 99% sure. 

Thanks for all the prayers <3 Ughhh I've been blessed with the best friends and family. Now that everyone realizes that my P-Day is Friday I'm expecting at least 50+ emails next week :') Hopefully I'll be fluent by then. Stay sweet... and don't worry about me for 1 second <3

Tiabo (Sah-Po) (goodbye in Kiribati)

Elder Parrish

3 Nephi 5:13 (Zone Scripture) <3

P.S. 2 days in and already teaching our first full lesson in Kiribati tonight!!!!! I'll let you know how that one goes :'))))

P.S.S. We shouldn't have eaten dinner at 9:30 P.M. at home every night. We eat at like 4:00 and i get the worst 10:00 cravings lol. 
So much love <3 (forward this to everyone)

I'm also working on pics as we speak. They don't give us very much time for E mail so i'm super sorry. 

Me and my companions...Elder Zamora on the left as you can guess lol. Elder Kitchens on the right. 


Our district outside the temple after our session today. Couldn't be a whiter group of kids. Hopefully someone brought some sunblock LOLZZZ 

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