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Thursday, August 27, 2015


August 21, 2015

WHAT'S UPPPPPPP?!? Just yo boy Elder Parrish givin' you a what's from the Provo MTC 3 and a half weeks in <3 I wanna give a S/O to everyone starting school this week. YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT. Don't forget about me when you're makin' all those cool new college friends <3 I better not be seeing any engagements! Although it's been a good week, not much has happened. I feel like it's groundhog day basically every single day of the week. Groundhog day is a good day though :') The best days in the MTC are by far Sunday. Teachers (and security hehehe) don't work on Sunday so we have a lot of time to study the gospel and work on the language. I love the Sacrament Meetings here and I love Priesthood meetings. Devotionals that are held on Tuesdays and Sundays are GREAT and P-Day is obviously BOMB so it breaks up the week really well. 

We heard from our mission president this week... He emailed our teacher and said that "most" of the people in my district will be sent to outer islands right off the bat. How many "most" means I don't know. HOW CRAZY THOUGH! I've never lived without A/C, electricity, running water, beds, doors... OH. Did I mention that I can't speak the language?! In 2 and a half weeks things are going to get CRAZY but I'm SO excited. It doesn't matter where I end up... I'm excited to be serving the people in Kiribati that I already love <3

The language is slowwwww. My vocab is okay and I'm decent at understanding but I'm not very good at forming sentences, conjugating, and overall speaking. I CAN'T WAIT until I can speak the beautiful language that is called Kiribati. 

BEST STORY: The highlight of this week was part of the Tongan Vs. Kiribati rivalry. We have been known to cause a little bit of a ruckus in the dorms at night. This week we were sent ammunition in the form of water guns. A follow up package  contained 300 self-sealing water balloons. The war began... At a set time, the war raged on the entire 3rd floor of 6M. The Tongans came out dressed in interesting attire and had a mattress as a shield. We had the guns and water balloons. I am proud to say we won <3 It only lasted for a few minutes though :/ The other newbies to the MTC got really upset and one called a branch president. Some people have A LOT to learn. LIFE WAS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED, NOT JUST ENDURED. Still super fun. Not sure if anyone has ever gone this hard in the MTC but it's been good experience. Gonna miss those Tongans as they depart this week. 

Probably should close with a small spiritual thought after that last paragraph... I PROMISE I'm learning so much about this gospel. I LOVE the Book of Mormon and I know that prayer is SO powerful. Faith is so important. If there's one thing I learned this week it's that miracles, big or small, can be performed if you have faith! I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to learn more and more every week. 

I ataia bwa e kuoua te ekaretia aio. I ataia bwa e kuoua Ana Boki Moomon. E mwananga n te buokonikai ao e tataro n te onimaki Iotebwa Timitti. I kakououan bwa e maiu Iesu Kristo. N aran Iesu Kristo amen. 


<3 Elder Parrish <3

P.S. I got a haicut... I would send a picture but I don't want everyone at home to disown me. 

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