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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2 weeks down, 102 to go

August 7, 2015

MAURI <3333

Kam uara (How is everyone)?! I'm doing good down here in the Provo MTC. I've loved receiving so many emails from your guys' beautiful faces this past week <3 I'm expecting even more next week <333


First of all, the language is somethin' else. Grammatically it's easy, and there only 15 letters in the alphabet. But can anyone tell me how you get the word "bed" from "Sleeping on a stick"?  Hahaha the translations are super literal. The words also all look the EXACT SAME ughhhh :/ It's coming along though <3 If anyone needs to pray in Kiribati or has to carry on a convo In Kiribati just let me know I'm kind of a pro :') But it really is coming along... I know the gift of tongues is a real thing and I'm so grateful to be learning a language. I can feel myself getting humbled in the moments where I just want to 'give up'.

Waking up at 6:30 SUCKS but I'm getting used to it. My hair never looks good in the mornings :// It's hard to stay awake the whole day but I try my best. An average day involves 9 hours in the classroom... 3 or 6 of which are spent studying the language.Once a week we have a service project and 1 hour for gym time every day. We also eat at 5:15... THAT'S WHEN I EAT LUNCH! The schedule is pretty monotonous. If you ever think about me during the day, I'm probably sitting in a classroom or a cafeteria. PRISON (the MTC) is the best though. I still like my companions a lot though. My District (the 9 of us going to Kiribati) are already really close. Not my fam or friends but they're fillin' it quite well :) I'm super happy <333 

I love reading the scriptures and feeling the spirit. I almost crave it. On Sunday, we had a devotional and the speaker was President Russel M. Nelson. The spirit was really strong. The opportunity that I have been given to serve a mission is incredible... I'm trying to savor the time that I've been given, even in the MTC. I still feel like I have a lot to learn, not just language wise. This past week has flown by. I'm trying my best to become a better person every day... I know  I have a lot of work to do :')

I'm doing great though. I'm so so SO blessed. I have the most incredible friends and family in the world. I have been looking forward to hearing from everyone this week... It didn't disappoint. I'm hoping that next week will be just as sweet <3


Miss you guys every day <3

drop me an E-Mail or a cute 'lil package this week.

Elder Parrish

Zach and Braedon Alldredge (a friend from high school called to serve in Barbados)

Zach and Zach Slatter (a friend from high school called to serve in Taiwan)

Zach, James Gilbert, and Collin Cole (friends from high school called to serve in Taiwan)

Zach and Zak Harrison (another missionary called to serve in Kiribati)

Zach and his district outside the Provo Temple

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