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Sunday, September 13, 2015


September 10, 2015

FAMILY AND FRIENDS.... I AM ALIVE. Holyyyyyy cow it's been a lot of traveling. From L.A., to beautiful Fiji, to Tarawa, I am finally here. I walked off the plane and got nailed with the humidity and the heat. It's been a complete whirlwind of a day. I can honestly say that Kiribati is the most beautiful place and the people I can already tell are so amazing. It is SO 3rd world but the ocean, the trees, ahhhh <3

I'm sure the biggest question on everyone's mind is where I will be serving. Let me answer this question with some good and some bad news.

FIRST, the GOOD news:

I will be serving on the outer island called Tabiteuea (Tab for short.) It is pretty far South and is about an hour long plane ride. Luckily, I've heard that it has internet and maybe even phones. As far as an outer island goes, the living conditions will be pretty good. There is a little island off of Tab to the South called Tab South. This island is one of the most untouched islands in the country and if not the world. My companion and I will be starting on Tab North (the nice one) but we will most likely end up on Tab south for the long run which doesn't have internet or maybe even phones. We will at least be taking a boat or a plane every couple weeks to Tab South to stay there. It's all kind of cloudy but all I know is that I'm SO excited to serve in Tabiteuea. T My companion is going to be Elder Musser. He has been out for about a year and is currently on Tab. I have heard that he is one of the most obedient missionaries so I am super excited to meet him. I am supposed to fly out on Monday morning by myself at around 6 in the morning to meet him.

SECOND, the BAD news:

One of my checked bags (the smaller one) did not make it to Kiribati. The bags will possibly be coming Monday, but due to my flight it looks like I probably won't see that bag for a good 4 to 6 months or any of the things in it. Hopefully I can find everything that I need with what I have because the limit for bags is 30 Ibs to get to an outer island.

I LOVE EVERYONE. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. Hopefully, I will hear from you guys on Monday and I will have some good news.

:') Elder Parrish :')

Pictures of Zach and his district in the airport. It was great to talk with him on the phone!

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