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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Quick Update!

May 8, 2016

Hey fammmm,

Quick update. I have no time because the biggest bootaki of the year for my village is today and we are going to be busy there as guests all day. The bootaki is for the mwaneaba in our village because it is the village's birthday. It should be pretty tight with some legit dancing, way good food and some other stuff. It will be sick because this will be like the biggest party I've gone to so far. I wish you guys were here hahaha. It's so nuts. We are DEAD tired thoughhhh. We got up at 4:45 A.M. to go to the mwaneaba to eat breakfast and at 5:30 yesterday. We have to go every day for breakfast and lunch before and after the BIG day (which is today). Last week, everyone just moved all their stuff to the Mwaneaba and they are living and sleeping in there (cupboards, pots, pans etc.) Our stick house is right next to it and we have been having people breathe down our necks, but it's been interesting. We also are giving a Family Home Evening spiritual thought to the entire village tomorrow in front of the protestant minister and the catholic missionary so I'll let you guys know how that goes hahaha. 

Work will be tough a little this week because of the parties, but other than that all is well. We should have three baptisms in the next two weeks, which will be a nice little pay off. We have been really productive as we hit 30 lessons this week for my first time on Maiana. We have a decent amount of investigators, but because we haven't gotten referrals we are starting to find investigators other ways (tracting etc.) Although most people say yes to lessons, it's really hard because a lot of people will listen but not be interested or they will straight lie to your face for weeks before you even figure it out. I'm hoping we can be blessed to find some genuine investigators who have some mental power so they can understand our message and the importance of gaining a testimony for themselves and truly doing the things that it takes. Elder Hoskins and I are working hard and get along well so all is well! 

I hope that gives you all a quick update! Quick thought.

This week as we taught a lesson to a soon-to-be minister and then listened to lessons taught by the protestant missionary in the mwaneaba, I was constantly reminded of Isaiah 29:13-14. This protestant missionary gave a prayer and a lesson that was waaay smooth and so thought-out and the way she speaks in Kiribati is so beautiful. As she sat down after her lesson and lit her cigarette, I couldn't help from smiling and feeling peace. I'm thankful for the commandments that the Lord has blessed us with. And later, the guy we taught a lesson to had the bible memorized and tried to explain why the Godhead was one person (the trinity). I'm not trying to lie and say I know more about the bible than these people, but I had a sweet peace as I bore testimony to that man that the Godhead IS three people. I'm grateful for the vision of a 14 year-old boy and I'm grateful for the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

I hope everyone has a GREAT week :')

Elder Parrish

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