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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Don't Let Anyone Tell Me A Mall Bathroom is Bad

June 19, 2016

Dear Family,

Thanks for the email!! Everything is going well here! I'm kind of running short on time because I think that we are going to go fishing, but I will send a picture of the bathroom and the inside of the house for you guys. It sounds like all is going well at home.

We had a harder week work-wise, but we got super blessed to find some really good investigators at the end of it and had eight investigators at church. I also think that the mom and son (who I've mentioned before) will be baptized this week and I'm super excited. Next week, I think that we also going to be baptizing a young family who has two little cute kids. I'm super excited. We haven't had baptisms for a while so these next few weeks should be awesome! 

We haven't made smoothies or bread yet because we are waiting for the bananas to get ripe. President Weir is finished on July 1.  There will be like 20 new missionaries in August and October, which will be crazy.  Because a big group of missionaries just came home, we are a bit short on missionaries.  All of the outer island are open, but a few small areas in Tarawa were closed. 

I think that I may have gained some weight.  I'm pretty fat! I love this fish more than the world. My package came on Friday.  Thank you guys so much! The clothes you sent are really nice for the people here. Everything else is well.  I can't think of anything that I might need!

A quick story:  I have had a feeling that we need to visit this older lady who is not a member and ask her for lessons.  She has never met with missionaries before.  But every time we went to her house, she wasn't there. Long story short, we were biking by her house this week and she was there. We went and kind of tracted it and she was so happy to hear our message.  We had an awesome spirit filled lesson. Yesterday I was fasting for help in this area and we got hit up with two referrals (haven't had any in forever.) It was awesome!

Love you guys. I'll send some pictures. 

Elder Parrish 

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