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Monday, June 20, 2016

Quick Email

June 12, 2016

Dear Family:

Thanks for the email!  I will try to send a group one maybe this week or next week if there's time. That's crazy that the twins already went to Girls’ State and that Jacko is in DC. I think it sounds fun and I'm sure that it will be great for Jacko to be away from home a little while.

Elder Hoskins is a good Elder and I'm grateful that I have gotten to work with him.  He works hard but is laid back at the same time. We really do have a lot of similar interests.  The time is going crazy fast though.

We actually just got back from fishing this morning. We went on the boat and it was wayyy fun. I'm honestly so happy and just having the time of my life. Like I'm doing these things and finding ways to have fun doing these once in a lifetime things. The only thing crazier to me is how fast the week actually goes. Tuesday to Sunday goes even faster than anything. One of the slower parts of the week is P-day on Monday. 

The work is going well too. We teach TONS of people, but some are taught in villages where no church is held and it makes it really hard. We are waiting for seven people to quit smoking or to get married and then they will all be baptized. Somehow we found a family that is about ready to be baptized. The entire family came to church yesterday and I was sooooo pumped! It's a mom and a dad with two little kids and a third on the way. They are basically golden and we were definitely led to them. 

I have no clue on transfers... I think I've got one more transfer here... maybe two if I'm lucky. I'm happy to stay here as long as they leave me.  I don't want to leave this area until I have hopefully been able to see some awesome investigators get baptized. I feel like a lot of the people who are close to baptism are people who are going to stay strong in the church. 

I don't have much to write because last P-day seems like yesterday! But you will find it interesting that the waterproof camera that I brought on my mission literally broke this week. The screen died and I have no clue why. It was a legit blessing that you guys just sent me a back-up camera.  My camera literally broke the week I received the new one. Thanks for that! And I thought you were overreacting when you sent me the spare--hahaha. 

I love you guys and I’m doing great.  Constantly shocked at how fast the time is flying.  I seriously love Maiana TONS though and I'm going to be really sad to leave. I'm hoping that it isn't coming for a while. I hope that all continues to go well at home. I'm growing little by little.  I might not become a GA at age 20, but I'm having a good time doing the work so that’s all that matters.

Have a good week!  Love you!

Elder Parrish

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