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Monday, June 6, 2016


May 29, 2016

Heyyyy everyone,

I guess I'll give a quick update since I haven't done one in a while. Fishing > Emailing, but emailing is pretty good too :) If anyone is wondering, I hit 10 months as a missionary yesterday and I just realized it. I remember months ago when people told me that as I got further into my mission I wouldn’t even realize when I was hitting month marks. It's crazy that I'll be counting down pretty soon.

I guess I'll talk a little bit about the work. Elder Hoskins is my companion who I have been with for a month.  He’s from Georgia. He's pretty chill and it's nice to be with a comp who has similar visions for the work.  He's pretty sick and I'm happy overall. We have had like four baptisms in the past month and should have several more on the way.

I guess I want to talk about some of my investigators cuz they're pretty much my life lol.

My favorite investigator and one of the reasons I believe that I was sent to Maiana is for Rootia. She is a 60 year-old lady with one son and a grandchild here. She is (was hehe) a firm member of the Pentecostal church, legit has read the bible from start to finish, and is pretty knowledgeable. We got wrecked on our first lesson teaching about the Godhead and she was trying to bible bash a little bit. We held our ground, but it wasn't great. We taught the restoration for our second lesson and I've never seen a bigger change in a person. Our lesson about revelation from heaven and God's priesthood on the earth really touched her heart.  She is
already in 2nd Nephi in the Book of Mormon and is trying to quit smoking so she can get baptized. She accepts everything we teach and has the strongest faith. She promised us that she will never burn a Book of Mormon again. (Apparently, she burned one that other Elders gave her once before.)  She is thinking about staying here to be a member of the church and not going back to Tarawa where they will try to pull her back to the Pentecostal faith.
Sickkkk <3  We are gonna baptize her alongside her son if all continues to go well.

Our other investigator is Mata. He literally stopped smoking and drinking cold turkey and hasn't started since. He has tattoos everywhere, but he cut his hair and I literally see a visible light in him.  His face and eyes look different and he's the man.

No need to even answer the question that I get every week, "How is your health?" Couldn't be betterrrrrr. We are gonna keep working hard. We are going to be dropping some investigators and finding some who are better prepared to hear our message.  It's a big responsibility to serve as Branch Presidents on this island, but we are up to the task.

We will always be under the same moon :')

Elder Parrish

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